Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trading profiles

I wish the character count was higher on BA since I would like to add notes about each trade. Well I will simply do it here instead.

Highly recommended traders:

exiled - The trade king of TX. The number of trades with Jason is completely off the rails at this point. He's the kind of trade partner you wish for when getting in the trade game.

fogdog x5 insanely generous and chill FL BA

garbercury x4 awesome PA trader, super generous and all around great friend

t8000shx x4 awesome and generous NY trader

erikkoppin x4 awesome MI trader, grabbed KBS for me without even asking

billab914 x3 awesome VA trader, ongoing trade partner, sent me some EPIC stuff

BrewCrew2010 x3 great NY trader, very generous

wasatch x2 awesome UT trader, both trades have been massive 20+ beers

randalld x2 awesome MI trader, met him at DLD where he hooked me up big time

mikesgroove x2 NC&BA legend

arenbeer x2 cool CT trader, met him through Newbie Trader Club

scottyshades x2 cool FL trader, very enthusiastic

suspect, x2 another great NY trader, super easy to deal with

MikeyMikee x2 great NY trader, SOUR POWER hook up

Traders I would love to trade with again:

wren, made up for minor UPS mishap with major goodies

kmurray8621, my first trade, took a chance on a newb and got me HOOKED!

darklordlager, one evening drinking with him and sends me an EPIC package

HeadyHops81, cool VA trader with lots of killer Terrapin stuff

pimpmyporter, cool OH trader

beatingwings, cool OR trader, sent lots of killer Deschutes stuff

Arbitrator, great CA trader, great sense of humor, super chill

honuswagner, great FL trader, fairly new when I traded with him but very generous

Nesued, awesome SC trader, super patient and generous, very understanding

millah, great MN trader, new to trading but totally gets it, very generous

IronKrausen, great CA trader, sent me the most EPIC vertical ever!

chswimmer, chill CA trader

kkipple, super cool SC BA, thanks for the growler

Macky20, newer NC trader, generous with the whales

Jwiss22, solid PA trader, loads of extras

SpeedwayJim, super nice guy great NY trader

Jtortorice, awesome TX trader Live Oak hook up

khumbard, great IN BA, Thanks for the TBK hook up

drabmuh, great MD trader, swapping ticks for ticks

a77cj7, great SD trader, Thanks for the sweet ticks!

kirkpjr, great AL trader, super easy to deal with, thanks for the ticks!

bucky10, In person, new in the game but super generous!

ILikeBrew, great OK trader, buried me with killer beers

Woodychandler, The CAN king, thanks for the rare ticks

GehenHerzog, great NC trader, super easy to deal with

translucent, super cool MN BA, all around great guy for trading and drinking with

sliverX, yet another awesome NY trader, fast and easy trade

buffs9, great CO trader, super easy to deal with

yesferro, great AR trader, thanks for the state ticks

sweetwillyrolbar, ND, forever greatful for the final piece in the tick puzzle

SalukiAlum, CO, super easy trade, great communication, thanks for the HUGE want

Great traders and drinking buddies:

beerFMAndy, Swapped and shared more beers with him then I can count

sweemzander, constant swapping, awesome BA that I wish lived closer

wisconsinality, constant drinking and swapping with this guy

beerbuffalolodge, local guy that lives for beer

grynder33, the old timer, he's forgotten more about beer then I will ever know

bnieman, super chill dude that drinks nothing but great beer

smurfbeer, super fun to drink and swap beers with

KHM, loves her sours and IPA's like no other

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