Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal?

Well I'm back at work today for the first time in eleven days. To make things worse the heat is out in my office so I'm posting this in my jacket and winter skull cap. It just cracked the 50 degree mark on my T-stat! WHOO HOO! I'm shipping a couple trades today so that's got me excited for sure. This means lots of yummy beer coming back my way from buddies around the country. I'm especially looking forward to Short's PB&J beer. Who wouldn't want a beer that tastes like the quintessential lunchbox fare from days as a school boy.

The little lady and I also booked our tickets to Minneapolis for our trip in Feb. Surly here I come! I plan on grabbing as much beer as I can. Along with tours of Surly and Summit. We hope to hit all the cool beer spots in town.



  1. Make sure you hit the Happy Gnome in St. Paul!

    If you have time also check out:
    The Muddy Pig
    Townhall Brewpub

  2. Grynder and crew went there before darkness day. Twas a treat beyond treats they said.