Friday, January 1, 2010

Soap box time

I've noticed quite a trend in the Southeast Wisconsin area. Not enough beer advocacy! I'm a member of Beer Advocate and Beer Buffalo Lodge and heavily active on both sites. Why is it that the "brew city"is so devoid of people who want to talk about beer. The WI representation on BA is atrocious and over at BBL it's mainly myself and the three founding members who do all the talking. Come on people we don't bite. Come out of you BMC coma and start talking and drinking good beer. When I went to the Great Lakes Brewfest this summer I emailed everyone on the list of names that BA had listed as going. Why did not one Milwaukee BA show up and drink one beer with me. One BA from from the Mequon area and four from Illinois met up with me. Seriously? Not one person from "brew city" could take five minutes to meet another like minded beer geek and say hi?

I guess living under the Miller spell for so long has broken every ones will to seek something different. Please prove me wrong "brew city"

Check these site for endless beer knowledge.


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